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Introducing Reports

How useful is the data when you cannot analyse it? Or even access?

At some point, for any team working with business process management solution the question arises: 

How can we access our data stored in processes and forms and analyse it? How can we build our reports based on this data?

In Metatask you can now use three built-in reports to get full access to all your tasks, processes and all the forms data stored inside processes.

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Metatask Slack app is finally here!

Slack is a great communication tool used by hundreds of thousands of teams in the world to be more productive and more agilewith communications. And our team is no different, we are heavy Slack users ourselves!

We worked hard to bring Slack support to Metatask. So now, when it is finally here — how to use it? 

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New Metatask 3.0 is here! Meet conditions, nested tasks and more…

Holidays season🎄is coming soon, and we just released a huge update to Metatask – we hope you will like it!

Among smaller features, bug-fixes, and usability improvements a few major new features I want to talk about in this post:

  • Conditional tasks – to let you easily handle optional tasks.
  • Task groups – to let you structure your processes well and also to be able to implement some complex workflow patterns, like mixing sequential and parallel tasks.
  • Conditional task groups – to let you create advanced workflows with alternative branches.

Let me tell you about these big features in more details and show how you can use them to take your processes to the next level.

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