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How to format text with Markdown

Markdown is a lightweight and easy-to-use syntax for styling text. Markdown is supported in several places in Metatask:

  • Description for a task
  • Instructions for a process

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Integrate Metatask with 500+ other apps

Zapier support was one of the most frequent requests from new users since we started. So we worked hard over last month to bring Zapier support to Metatask. Read more»

Coming soon: Better views for all your tasks

If like me you have a lot of running processes – you probably know that working with “My Tasks” list may be a bit challenging. With 50+ tasks from different processes in a single list, it is hard to navigate around.
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Easy way to sign into Metatask

Our recent update of a landing page brought a little cool feature in addition to a new design.
If you don’t remember name and address of your Metatask team you can just open our website and use “Sign-in” menu to log into the app.

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Improvements to Processes list

Our latest update makes it easier to review the status of all active Processes. Read more»

Using @mentions to improve communication

With the latest update, you can now @mention your teammates inside task comments. Read more»

Better control with Process Deadlines

With the latest update, you can now set a deadline for the whole process, just like you do it for tasks!
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