Marketing Campaign - Metatask

Marketing campaign is a series of processes aimed at promoting a product or a service through different media such as television, radio, print, and online platforms. A marketing campaign can also be designed to increase the sales of a product that is already on the market as well as promote positive reviews about that product.

A landing page is critical to the success of any online marketing campaign. It gives you the opportunity to have a lead generation system that will capture your visitors, nurture your leads, and help your visitors with their buying journey. It also helps you to track and nurture the success of your online marketing campaign.

Marketing Campaign Process

The first step in this process begins with the creation of a plan. Create a brief that outlines the goals of your page including the key message for the copywriter, brand guidelines for the designer, technical specs for the developer if you’re hand-coding.

When you have your plan ready, instruct your copywriter to write a copy that dictates the structure of your landing page. Next, incorporate your copy into a wireframe so you can see the see the structure of the page without styling and images. Once approved, task your designer with converting the wireframe into a mock-up (a no functional design of what your final page will look like).

Before proceeding to build your landing page, review your copy and design elements with your client or major stakeholders in order to prevent headaches later.

You may decide to build your landing page by hand-coding or by using a landing page builder. If you’re hand-coding, your developer will work with your designer to code a landing page that matches with your initial mock-ups. But when using a landing page builder, you’ll only need your designer to recreate the mock-ups as a complete design using the drag and drop feature.

When you have your landing page ready, you can test your landing page across all devices (mobile, desktop) and browsers, activate your Google analytics to track usage and connect your email to your landing page.

Last minute rush and failure to meet deadlines are some of the major challenges encountered during this marketing campaign but automation can help you increase the efficiency of this process.

Benefits of Marketing Campaign Automation

Eliminates Repetitive Tasks

An automated system has the ability to unlock your employees’ creativity by eliminating manual tasks such as copy approval, expense request, scheduling meetings, and sending out reminders.

This will also reduce mistakes and free up more time for employees to keep working on more strategic tasks.

Improves Prioritization

Automation allows your employees to keep tabs on all the tasks they have in front of them. It allows the copywriter, designer, and the marketer to meet deadlines, avoiding last-minute rush and clashes with meetings in a much more efficient way than a calendar based system.

It also allows employees to notify their manager where they predict setbacks in meeting deadlines, thus allowing the manager to take proactive measures in managing the team’s workload.

Improves Collaboration And Teamwork

Automation software allows members of the marketing team to communicate and discuss ideas or issues in real time. The benefit is that each team member is kept updated at every stage of the development process, thus making it possible to tackle issues as they arise.

Automate all kinds of business processes & workflows

Onboarding of new employees, starting marketing campaigns , processing purchase orders, processing quote request, requesting vacations, advertising real estate properties, onbording new clients, approving expenses and many more.