New features to make you even more productive

At Metatask, we like to release new features frequently. And while most of our team are busy working on big new features, we continue to add smaller ones to make you even more productive (and happy) with Metatask.

Due date notifications

Example of a due date notification email

A new notification will keep you informed on any tasks due today. You can turn it on or off in profile settings:

Notifications settings in a user profile

You will receive digest email daily with a list of your tasks due today. If you do not have any tasks due on a specific day – email will not be sent to you. Overdue tasks (with a due date in past) are not included in this email. Email is sent to you at 8 am using your time zone configured in profile settings:

Time zone setting in a user profile

Required fields assistant

Have you ever happen to work on a task which has a long form with required fields?

Example of a long form

Then you should know how confusing it may be trying to understand what’s preventing you from completing the task.

You scroll the form up and down trying to find that field which is missing.

Well, no more confusion! Spotting any missed required fields just got 10x simpler:

Animation of a long form and an assistant