New Form field types: Money, Yes/No and Email address

The long-awaited Money field type is here and you can start using it right away after upgrading to the latest Metatask 1.1. The latest update also includes tons of small improvements, performance optimizations, and bug-fixes.

New form field type: Money

Money can be used just like any other data type, just select it from the field type drop-down menu:

This is how money field looks like on a task view, for a task assignee:

As you can see “Expense amount” field allows you to capture amount and indicates dollar as a currency. Using advanced field settings you can configure money field to use specific currency:

You can allow users selecting from a list of multiple currencies:

This is how this field looks like in a task view:

This makes it really easy to use the same template across multiple offices or branches with different geographic locations.

The list of currencies available to template authors can be configured in team settings. This option is only available to team administrators.

These options would be used as the default for money fields in all new templates.

New form field type: Yes/No

This is a simple Yes/No field, here’s how it looks:

New form field type: Email address

This is a special field type for email address:

Improved process history

Process history got some nice colors making it much easier to review. Task assignments and completions are now marked in green and task un-assignments in orange. Task deletions are marked in red.

New sample templates

Our sample templates gallery has a few nice additions this month:

We also updated all other templates to use tables and new form field types like Money, Email and Yes/No.

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