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How to Reimburse Employees for Travel Expenses

Does it feel like your workday gets bogged down with all the little administrative tasks on your To-Do list? Those things are important but can get in the way of the more important things if you don’t have good systems in place. For instance, do you know how to reimburse employees for travel expenses? If so, do you have an employee expense reimbursement policy in place?

Not having such a system in place can make reimbursing your employees more complicated than it needs to be. Today, you’ll learn the ins and outs of reimbursement, including legal and tax considerations. Plus, you’ll see why having a policy in place can make your life so much easier – and keep your employees happy.

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Workflow Automation 2020: 3 Smart Futuristic Trends to Watch For

What’s in store for 2020 for your team?

Besides financial goals and other milestones that you’ve set for yourself and your team in the new year, 2020 is also going to bring some exciting automation trends.

Whether you’re interested in process, BPO, or marketing automation, the automation trends for 2020 can help streamline essential processes. That itself should be motivation enough to invest in some of these upcoming automation trends. After all, streamlining can make your workload easier in several ways, including:

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How to Successfully Onboard New Employees

When it comes to hiring new talent, you want the very best. Actually, you want the best of the best – the rock star employee that’s going to help you take your company to the next level.

That’s a great goal for you – but what about your employees? When it comes to onboarding new employees, a lot of companies get it wrong, so much so that they end up with a high employee turnover rate.

Turnovers hurt your bottom line, can ruin the reputation of your company, and put a lot of strain on the employees you are able to retain.

What can you do to ensure that onboarding new employees is not only an important part of your operations checklist but one that will help retain your new hires?

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A quick guide to finding and describing business processes

So what is a “business process,” anyway?

There are many complex ways to define a meaning of Business Process, but here’s a simple one:

A business process is a pre-defined sequence of steps, repeatedly executed in a company to get some particular result.

Some good examples of business processes are:

  • Steps to get from a quote request submitted from company’s website to a signed contract.
  • Steps to get a guest from entering the restaurant to being seated and finally to paying for a dinner.

Processes are usually repeating over and over in almost the same way. Because of that you can describe a process, document it once and then refine and improve it.
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